Dandi Salt Challenge

The Dandi Salt Challenge is the world’s first Heritage Endurance Event. Participants are challenged to either March, Run or Cycle across the 401 kms from Sabarmati to Dandi, covering the famous Dandi Heritage Route and the entire National Highway NH64.

In 1930, Gandhi defied the British Salt Law in Bhimrad and Dandi by simply…picking up salt! Prove you’re worth your salt - follow the Mahatma’s footsteps and march the 70 kms from Bhimrad to Dandi. Read More

Are you a marathon runner with a will of steel, looking to conquer new summits? This one’s for you – a spectacular 401 km ultra-marathon across the varied terrain from Sabarmati to Dandi. Read More

3 days. 401 kms. Just you, your cycle and your pumping heart racing down the stunning, historic Dandi Path. Hop onto your cycle and discover yourself and your heritage with each pedal stroke. Read More